Captivating Hope’s Mission

To support, facilitate, educate and advocate for people dealing with overwhelming stress, mental disorders, a crisis, or PTSD from a traumatic event. Also, for people that are battling cancer, chronic diseases, and patients with multiple health issues.

Services Captivating Hope provides:

  • Ability to request to become a client so that we can make an individual plan for your care and be involved until you are in complete recovery
  • Research diagnosis, treatment options, and medications
  • Coordinate care with multiple doctors and overcome any obstacles of service or conflicts of interest
  • Work with insurance claims, patient bills, and insurance companies, hospitals, and doctor offices to ensure patients’ insurance policies are billed and paid in accordance with your insurance policy
  • Find resources for the underprivileged
  • Coordinate referrals and appointments and accompany patients to doctor appointments, hospital stays and entry/settlement into long-term care facilities
  • Maintain all documentation files for patient
  • Create patient/family education programs
  • Online messaging system (Google Hangouts) for people who feel more comfortable seeking help anonymously and feel more comfortable chatting through messaging or texting
  • Have the ability to schedule a time on Google Hangouts for voice or video calls for people who would like to talk
  • Access to online educational materials, informative blogs, links to other support organizations and access to reading materials that go into greater detail of what you may be experiencing


Companies, Organizations or Groups

  • Onsite seminars and training regarding physical and mental health to instill skill sets that align with your organization’s mission and goals
  • Packages that allow your group members or employees to access all the services that we have available
  • Individualized packages for companies that would like to use our services to accommodate the needs of their staff, clients or patients

For more information on how Captivating Hope can help you or your organization, please contact info@captivatinghope.com





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