A Cause Worth Your Support

Captivating Hope is a company consisting of compassionate advocates for people that are experiencing a crisis, health issues and for victims of crime. There is an enormous need for support, resources, and advocacy for victim’s of crime, for people who are going through trauma or are in the midst of a health crisis. Captivating Hope will be fulfilling a need that is missing in the industry today by providing services that will streamline the process that is necessary for the complete recovery of people in need.

We are in the process of laying the foundation on which our company will build several methods, practices, and systems that will enable us to provide many services that are not available in the service marketplace today. Recently there have been many companies that have entered the service industry that provide outstanding resources and support for people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. They are exceptional and their services have helped many people. What doesn’t exist are people that are willing to be personally involved in others’ lives to help them navigate the process, from the beginning and following through until individuals in need become fully functioning survivors.

The vision for Captivating Hope is to make a profound impact, not only in people’s lives but in justice systems, legislation and in the medical industry as a whole. The name of our company is descriptive of our main purpose, Captivating Hope. Captivating, meaning to keep holding onto, hope with fierce determination and steadfast perseverance. We want to give people the ability to not only become survivors but thrivers!

Please check back often for updates on our services as they become available. Also, please follow us on all the social media platforms. Since Captivating Hope is a long user name we decided to use voice for CHi – an vital energy force a.k.a. Captivating Hope information.

Twitter: @voiceforCHi

Instagram: voiceofCHi .


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