A Better Way to Live Life

We all have times when we struggle in life. It may be from a life-altering event; such as, a sudden health issue that affects you, or someone whom you love which turns your life upside down; a divorce, the loss of a job or a death of a loved one. Many days our struggles come from ordinary days in which we feel overwhelmed, overworked, overstressed and have no motivation. Times when life seems like a vivacious cycle of waking up tired, going through the daily grind of our day, dealing with issues, frustrations and annoyances and then laying awake at night thinking of our to do lists.

No one is without troubles, without personal hardships and genuine challenges. That fact may not be obvious because most people don’t advertise their woes and heartaches. But nobody, not even the purest heart, escapes life without suffering battle scars.               ~Rachelle E. Goodrich

Since we live in such a world, we must ensure to be guarded and supported; physically, mentally and spiritually. Being healthy and prepared for hardship or difficulties in your life will allow you to endure, persevere, thrive and hopefully learn a great deal from conquering your life challenges. This blog will go into detail about increasing your physical strength and endurance. Look for future blogs on improving mental and spiritual


  • Sleep is vitally important. If you knew the health detriments that are caused by lack of sleep, you may think twice about watching another episode of your Netflix binge show. Listed below are some of the adverse effects of lack of quantity and quality of sleep:
    • increases irritability, anxiety and depression
    • impairs moral judgement
    • cognitive impairment and memory lapses or memory loss
    • impairs immune system
    • increases chances of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity
    • Increases inflammation, aches & pains
    • decreases reaction time and accuracy
    • increases stress levels
    • does not allow your body to repair itself properly
  • Eat Healthy – Food provides our body with necessary nutrients so that our bodies can perform at the highest quality. Here are some websites that will provide information of eating nutritiously.
  • Exercise is beneficial for many more reasons than to lose weight. The list of benefits of having a good exercise regime is astonishing. You do not have to train as if you are going to the Olympics in August, simply exercising 30 minutes 4 times a week will profoundly benefit your health mentally and physically. Listed below is just a fraction of the benefits of exercise.
    • Improves your quality of sleep
    • increases your immune system
    • helps manage chronic pain and decreases inflammation in the body
    • energizes the body
    • research shows that more than 40 chronic diseases can be treated or prevented
    • lowers blood pressure
    • strengthens your heart, bones and muscles
    • increases your mental health and helps boost moods
    • helps fight depression and anxiety
    • detoxifies your body
    • improves your memory, coordination and your skin complexion
    • alleviates stress
    • increases mental clarity
    • boosts your confidence
    • improves your performance of daily activities

For added motivation, information and downloadable tools and resources, accept the President’s Challenge. This program truly lives up to its name. The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award challenge will help you add physical activity to your life—and now, it will also help improve your eating habits. (That’s why we’re calling it PALA+.) Get active and eat better, and you’ll feel better, too. Plus, you’ll earn an award. Start the PALA+ challenge!




  1. Personally I believe “battle scars” make us stronger. They let us know that we are in fact resilient, and can make it through trying times. We have everything we need inside to live our highest and best lives. We can’t wallow however, we have to keep going. I use this saying to express how I feel about living life, and coming out on the other side: “Always tested, Never beaten!”

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