Surviving Life & Addiction

Many people have tried to find the meaning of life. At one time or another everyone ponders this question. For ages, there have been philosophers, religions, and cultures that have attached different meanings to life and have developed ways they believe that are the ‘right’ way to think and to approach life. No matter what religion, philosophy or set of beliefs that one has faith in there is no escaping the harsh reality of living life. No one will argue the beauty that exists in nature, the wonderment of the human spirit or the power of love. We all know this exists but it does not always protect us from all that we must face as humans living in an unjust world.

No one has lived a perfect life or makes the right decisions all the time. Judging others is useless and only shows profound ignorance. No one is given the exact mind, body, spirit or history of events that another person is given. So there is not a way to predict what choices you would make in another’s position. Therefore, let us all humble ourselves and provide help to those that suffer. Let us be brave enough to ask for help. Let us lean in together to achieve more and to be more than any of us could be as individuals.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with stress, obstacles, hardships, horrific tragedies and other events that we all face. Sometimes we will do anything to protect our raw emotions from our reality. And many times the ways that we choose to protect ourselves are unhealthy and harmful to our well-being.

Addictions are complex and all-consuming. An addiction is a sign that a person is crying out for help. And it takes profound strength and courage for an addict to reach out for help. At Captivating Hope, we want to add as many resources as possible for those fighting addiction. There is hope and there are people that are willing to be there for you. The most inspiring resource I found was on  Clicking this link will open a new tab for you to read about those who have struggled with addiction and are on the road of recovery. Recovery is possible. Read about the journeys of real people who have overcome addiction on their path to happiness. Their stories provide hope and inspiration to those affected by alcohol, drugs and other mental health issues.

Millions of people and their families are affected by substance abuse and addiction. exists to educate visitors about alcohol and drug addiction, recovery, co-occurring disorders and other addiction-related topics by providing the latest information on trends, treatment options and support services for addicts and their families.
The links for resources for families and people struggling with addiction will be located under ‘resources – addiction’


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