Peacefulness a Virtue

This world is a crazy, chaotic mess, filled with people who jump on the treadmill of life, trying to stay on track or run away from the chaos. People are always pushing, never stopping, trying to get ahead, attempting to control everything (or everyone) or many times they are simply hitting their head against a brick wall. There are times people try to be at peace or gain a sense of calm but to truly be at peace we must not try, but simply be at peace. Sometimes the more we try to calm ourselves we become more frustrated, so we try harder, which produces discouragement, leaving many people feeling that they are not capable of achieving peace.

Most people do not look at peacefulness as a virtue but it is one of the most important virtues.

Peacefulness is being calm inside. Take time for daily reflection and gratitude. Solve conflicts so everyone wins. Be a peacemaker.  Peace is giving up the love of power for the power of love. Peace in the world begins with peace in your heart.


There are many lists of actionable ways to help you become peaceful, just google it. These lists of advice are mere paths or distractions to get away from our chaos. Many people find these paths very useful and the activities on these lists help release stress and build resiliency. But unless one examines the root cause of their lack of calm and peacefulness then they will be trapped by that cause; therefore, one must seek to understand the cause and effect of their thoughts. The only thing that keeps people from feeling calm and at peace are their thoughts. Thoughts, usually, several at once, can be charged with overwhelming feelings and emotions. To truly attain peace one must let their thoughts breeze through the mind (with the emotionally charged feelings attached), slow down these thoughts with deep breathes and acknowledge each thought and emotion. Release negative thoughts, worries, and frustrations and take time to focus on simply being at peace with oneself, others, and the world. When one feels calm and can examine their thoughts that create frustration, discouragement, anger, or helplessness then they can replace these feelings and emotions, that are attached to these thoughts, with beneficial feelings and emotions. In times of calmness, emotional strongholds can be loosened and many times resolved by being in a rational place.

When someone comes to a place in their lives where peace is more important than the negative emotional attachment then they will attain peace.

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