Abuse is thought to be something that you keep hidden and an experience that you should feel shameful about.  But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Abuse should be shared so the victim can get the help and support they need. And no one should feel shame when abused; all the shame lies with the abuser.

Physical abuse is very apparent. When you are physically abused there is no doubt that you are being physically abused. When you are emotionally abused it is much more difficult to determine that you are being manipulated and abused; therefore, you question your own sanity. Many times people do not even realize that they are being emotionally abused so this type of abuse is often undetected. I believe this is a serious issue in society that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. I have added videos, information, and informative websites that will describe emotional abuse in hopes that it will draw proper attention to this type of abuse. And I am eager to help victims of emotional abuse get the help and support they are in desperate need of.





Useful Websites with More Information

Warning Signs that you are in an Abusive Relationship

Five Ways to Escape an Abusive Relationship


Get the Help You Deserve

Day One

Call Day One to talk about your relationship if you have concerns. Advocates in the Day One network can help you develop a safety plan and give you options for leaving for your partner or for getting support and counseling for yourself or for your children. Call the Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline number 1.866.223.1111.